Kid’s Treats

  • $2.5
    Toast with Jam

    Your choice of country or walnut bread with a generous serving of strawberry jam.

  • $2.5
    Fruit Platter

    Platter of fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey.

  • $3

    Your choice of our cereals available at the counter served with full cream or low fat milk.

  • $3.5
    Eggs on toast

    Any style eggs (scrambled/boiled/poached/fried) served with a slice of toast.

  • $2
    Chocolate Chip Pancake

  • $2.5
    French Fries

  • $3.5
    Fish or Chicken Nuggets

    Pieces of crumbed fish or chicken served with French Fries, tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

  • $3.5

    Your choice of Spaghetti, Penne or Fussili Pasta served with either Bolognese, Meatball, Carbonara or Napoli Sauce.

  • $3.5
    Kid’s plate

    Sundried tomato hummus served with tortilla bread, cucumber, carrot sticks and cheese. (v)