Will’s Espresso & Coffees

  • $3.5
    Espresso Affogato

    Espresso with vanilla ice cream

  • $2.75
    Iced Mocha

  • $2.5
    Iced Coffee

    Espresso with ice and fresh milk on the side

  • $2.5
    Iced espresso

    Espresso with cold frothy milk on top

  • $2.5
    Sweet Iced Coffee

    Iced coffee with condensed milk

  • $3.25
    Espresso Con Panna

    Shot of espresso with a swirl of whipped cream

  • $2.75

    Single shot of espresso added to drinking chocolate

  • $2.5
    Flat White

    Single espresso topped with gently steamed milk

  • $2.5

    Single shot of espresso topped with steamed milk, finished with milk froth and chocolate dusting

  • $2.75
    Honey Latte

    Cafe latte with a dash of honey

  • $2.5
    Cafe Latte

    Espresso and steamed milk served in a tall glass

  • $2.25
    Long Black

    Single long espresso

  • $1.75

    Single espresso with a dash of milk

  • $1.5

    Single espresso shot