Why I Love Brunch

You sleep late, you have brunch. Got a hangover, here, have some brunch. Tired of burgers and fries, help yourself to some brunch. Want eggs and cocktails, call it brunch.

Brunch is genius.

Brunch is a dance between two of my favorite meals. Typically combining foods and ingredients that are served after noon with foods considered to be breakfast staples and incorporating alcohol if you choose.

There are so many reasons why I love brunch.

1) Brunch is often a time when my friends and I get together to gossip and talk about shit that happened the night before.

2) Brunch is a great reward to a good workout. Nothing like working up a good sweat and then eating some good food.

3) Brunch is a good way to start your day drinking without judgement. No one is gonna say anything when you have some eggs with champagne and a cocktail. Those things are like liquid breakfast.

4) Brunch offers and array of hearty options for the morning after the night you should have said “no” to that last drink. Most notably, pancakes, french toast and waffles. There’s no better way to protect your esophagus from the boiling cauldron of stomach acid waiting to erupt than bread.

5) After brunch you can do whatever floats your boat. Take a walk, ride a bike, go back to sleep until 4pm which is usually around the time that you get hungry again. Brunch is the best prelude to the mid morning/early afternoon nap.

6) Brunch allows you to serve dinner sized portions of meat with eggs.

7) There’s always some clever/ inventive casserole-type dish at brunch.

8) Brunch is what happens to your Thanksgiving leftovers before they turn into ham and turkey sandwiches.

9) I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother once that featured Jason Segel’s character, Marshall not wanting to go to brunch alone after a break up. I dig that. Brunch is better when you’re with someone. Or a bunch of people. It’s a little more social than just breakfast, because on the weekends, brunch is served at a socially acceptable hour.

10) Brunch allows you to lull around in bed for hours after waking and still get all your favorite breakfast foods.

And that is why I love so much brunch.